Mar 2, 2010

Pass it on...

 A while ago I received this award from Book Dreaming, a great site about reading and writing that I love to visit. Book Dreaming receives quite a lot of these awards, and it's easy to see why! The catch is: I tell you ten things about myself, and pass the award onto ten other bloggers. How hard can that be? #famouslastwords 

In no particular order....
  1. I tweet too much. Sometimes 20 tweets a day. I tweet links about writing, reading, educating and just random fun sites, I tweet about my process in writing and editing, and I tweet about my purchase patterns as a book consumer and blog follower. I figure this stuff is helpful, but have had close friends in the earlier stages of twitter threaten to stop following me because I fill up their screen with tweets. I have now found I can keep them on Facebook and my ramblings on Twitter.
  2. When I start laughing, I can't stop for a really long time. This usually starts when I go to bed, my neighbours must feel sorry for my husband (I'm not laughing at you baby, with you, with you).
  3. This almost seems sacrilegious for a book lover to admit, but I now prefer Kindle and e-books to physical books. I have many crates of books in my shed that won't fit on my shelves, I LOVE electronic books and would be happy to have every book I own on Kindle or audio-file format. *ducks as angry paper-book lovers throw heavy texts*
  4. I will sign up for ANY course (even if it's something I suck at) crafts, arts, accounting, education, marketing, etc, etc. I think the weirdest thing I've studied is a dog groomer's course via correspondence (it's really hard stuffing those finished Shih tzu's in an envelope).
  5. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Never have. 
  6. Truth: When I was 13, a friend and I co-wrote a book that turned out to be quite dirty. We thought it was hilarious but knew it could never see the light of day, so I hid in the bottom of my craft box. I was horrified to come home one day and discover my mother had donated the box to the elderly lady next door. Nothing was ever said about my shameful 'book' *still blushing*.
  7. My husband keeps me grounded. Without him, I honestly believe I would be one of those crazy ladies with over a hundred dogs in her house. We have just 3 dogs, a cat, 5 chickens and a bunny (don't tell him but I want just one more puppy).
  8. When my kids ask if I have a band-aid in my purse, I remind them I'm not that kind of mum. I'm the kind of mum that drags mattresses into the lounge room on a Saturday night so we can have a slumber party and watch movies all night. I also do not ever get school forms in on time.
  9. I love jelly-beans, the special little fancy ones. My favourite flavour is buttered popcorn.
  10. I have an endless number of fears, just a few of those are: flying, hairy spiders, typing the word spiders (*shudders*), balloons, identical twins (not the people, just the idea of a person genetically existing twice at once), the sun/earth exploding/imploding (yes, I've contemplated this), telephoning strangers, milk more than 24hrs old, going into banks, a knock on the door, and, as it turns out, a man over 60 wearing a superman t-shirt in the supermarket (I had to keep changing isles to make sure I was never in the same one as him).
Then came the catch, finding bloggers who didn't already have this award displayed on their blog (kind of reminded me of the chain letters we used to write each other as teens):
  1. Michelle McAlleer - Actress, teacher and dog lover, wonderfully honest and humorous life blog.
  2. - because I saw my friends book on her site (check out Amy's The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Dogs)
  3. The Write Words - This blog has a contest for 200 writing minded followers!
  4. - another contest for 200 followers 
  5. Inkspot - I love some  of the mystery covers of their books!
  6. - another blog with contests
  7. - a writer's journey
  8. Play of the Page - this is a lovely blog where the writer shares her thoughts, writing and family with us :-)
  9. It's a Mystery - because I love mysteries, lists and the Friday cartoons
  10. Breakthrough Blogs - the latest addition to the list of blogs I follow.
Next blog we'll return to the subject of editing, in particular word and sentence placement and priority (let the fun begin).


  1. Left you an award, you can check it out on my blog.


  2. If twenty tweets a day is too much, I'm in trouble! I figured my Twitter word count in the last year is enough to equal about nine novels. o.O

  3. Ann - Aww geee thanks! *rushes off to hungrily grab award*
    K.M - he he, good to know I've found my little chatty niche with like-minded twitterers :-)

  4. Yay! I loved reading your list, Charmaine. I especially enjoyed #8 (#'s 5 and 7 were a close second)! :-)

  5. Congratulations on your award. Enjoyed learning about you and thanks for some great new links (to me) to check out.

  6. Thanks a bundle for the award and affirmations. I love to share my words with people. I enjoy your blog. I also love a good mystery, and have a secret (not so secret anymore) longing to write one. I have identical twin sons. They're really not that scary, nor are they one person in two bodies. Althouth they fight for their individuality, they are each other's best buddy.

    I like your images from the previous blog - catching up today.

  7. Shannon, Mason & Mary - thanks - oh and Mary I hope you don't think I find your boys scary, your family sounds very supportive and loving - it's more the way nature can make two from one that bends my mind, but my mind's pretty rubbery so it doesn't take much to bend it!

  8. Charmaine, Not at all (on the twin thing). Identicals are an amazing happening in nature. Not even the medical field can quite understand or explain it. Well, aren't all babies something of a miracle.