Mar 16, 2010


I blame Emily. If she wasn't off at school camp, then I wouldn't be feeling forlorn and I wouldn't have started messing with my blog to distract me from wondering what activity they are doing right this minute (snorkelling in the harbour) and I wouldn't have deleted my blog design by mistake. Sigh.
So here I am, messing around, just trying to get it back how it was, or at least back to 3 columns.
If you logg on today and find it all a big mess, please come and see how pretty it will be tomorrow :-)


  1. Have you ever noticed that things that shouldn't be deleted are the easiest to delete and the ones you want deleted you can't get rid of no matter what? Good luck.

  2. Oh, I feel your pain! I hope you get it back to the way you want it - or even better!

  3. Thanks guys - the HTML was painful, but I'm finding playing with different backgrounds a bit fun :-)

  4. I love this beautiful blue color with the frayed-looking outer edges. And your puppy face looks pretty darn adorable with the blue background and puple-ish letters. I love it like this! :-)

  5. Rosslyn & Shannon, thanks for the feedback, I was indecisive - blue torn edges it is. And thanks Shannon because I found the background on the site that hosts your background :-)
    I couldn't find my original, but this turned out to be a positive accident. Plus I learned some HTML (which I hope to never use again).

  6. Nice job. I learned how to make my own background from The Cutest Blog on the Block. It wasn't good enough for me to just pick one of their templets, I had to make one of <a href='>my own</a>. That was more than a year ago, though, so it's probably time to change it up again. How did you figure out the 3rd column?

  7. Hi Susan, I checked out your blog and enjoyed it.

    There is no quick easy way (that I know) to do the 3 columns, it took me most of the morning but I got the instructions off:
    I found the HTML confusing so I printed it out and ticked off each line as I changed it.
    If you have widgets, make sure you don't delete them in the HTML. and make sure your blog design you start with is minima.
    I found my first go had everything too close together so I adjusted the widths in each section to get it how I wanted it - I kept one page opened with my finished blog and kept refreshing to see which part was changing.
    I also found it easier to keep the blog at minima and then insert the new background into a widget on the layout rather than the html section - that way it expands if you expand your width.

    I hope that makes sense - if you have trouble twitter and you'll get quick responses, I'll talk you through if we're on at the same time.