Feb 12, 2010

One More Word

Found these Random Friday questions on Ink-fever's blog, so thought I'd do the 'pass it on'. The trick is you can only use one word to answer - I struggled to make sure all my answers worked only on one level - none of those fancy double entendres here!
Why is this relevant to your writing?
In a previous blog we looked at doing character profiles and how that can affect your understanding of their actions. By using this quiz for your characters and using only one word answers, you'll be prioritising their traits, opinions and skills. Your narrative can form in a more natural way if you understand what is really important to the characters, what do they want and what do they need?
Your first time through go quickly and answer whatever comes first when you think of that character, then go back over and see how well your instinctive answers worked.
The second reason this quiz is a good exercise, whether you do it on yourself (like I did) or your characters, is for the practice in brevity. If Twitter has taught us anything, it's that there's always a shorter, punchier way to say things.
...And just because I'm sharing 'me' stuff, here is a pic hubby took of one of our dogs and our cat watching the front door because I was due home any minute. He calls it 'Waiting for Mum'.

Your Cell Phone? Unloved
Your Hair? ‘Ranga
Your Mother? Next
Your Father? Celebrates
Your Favorite Food? Quack
Your Dream Last Night? Homework
Your Favorite Drink? Mulled
Your Dream/Goal? Write
What Room Are You In? Study
Your Hobby? Bloggin’
Your Fear? Limitless?
Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? Mirror
Where Were You Last Night? Numfar’s
Something That You Aren't? Arachnologist  
Muffins? Jellybean
Wish List Item? iPad
Where Did You Grow Up? Didn’t
Last Thing You Did? Giggled
What Are You Wearing? Smile
Your TV? Shiny 
Your Pets? Abundant 
Friends? Facebook
Your Life? Amusing
Your Mood? Imaginary
Missing Someone? Found
Vehicle? Zoom
Something You Aren't Wearing? Tattoo
Your Favorite Store? Petshop
Your Favorite Color? Sky
When Was The Last Time You Laughed? He-he
Last Time You Cried? Steinbeck 
Your Best Friend? Internet
One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? Bookshop
Facebook? Funny
Favorite Place To Eat? Outside

You blogging this weekend? Try using these questions for your own Random Friday.


  1. What's a jellybean muffin? I dream of an iPad, too. * sigh * :-)

  2. Those are great answers. You seem to be in a playful mood...wearing a smile..hmm. Also, what's Quack for a food? Thanks for sharin'.

  3. HI!
    I've yet to actually try a jellybean muffin, but I think it sounds yum! Especially with those little specialty flavoured jellybeans (my favourite is buttered popcorn jellybeans).
    And my most desired food ever is Peking Duck - probably because I don't get it very often. My runner up would probably be to just down 1kg of sugar.