Feb 22, 2010

A Linky Kinda Day

I was thinking about how pictures can be used as story prompts (something I like to do in class) and I came across this pic entitled "There's always one idiot to spoil your holiday snaps" in an environmental newsletter. It made me laugh and think about the classes I teach, there's always one kid like that seal, exasperating but delightful too.

I've decided this week is a Linky week, I've been spending a lot of time blog hopping (when I should be editing) and wanted to share some writer's links I've found.


Dreaming In Text Brian Keaney took the time to comment on my blog about self-publishing last week, and his site has many posts regarding this topic. This link will take you to Brian's posts on publishing.

A Newbies Guide to Publishing for the flip side, here is an author exploring what works when self-publishing on Kindle.


NaNoEdMo If you've read previous posts from me you'll know I became a huge fan of NaNoWriMo this year, to the point of creating a lesson unit for high school English. NaNoEdMo is a separate site which starts in a few days and encourages you to edit a novel for 50hours in one month. I'll give it a go with my NaNo novel: The Costume Maker.

Story in Literary Fiction this site has essays on editing fiction.

I also branched out more this week and started reading more book review sites (usually I stick to the blogs about writing fiction). Reading reviews can help you find your market, see what similar fiction is out there and get direct feedback on what readers like and don't like in fiction. Here's where I was reading reviews this week for YA fiction:

Rhiana Reads the reviews here are quite honest and critical. Positive and negative feedback is given for popular YA fiction, this week was Evermore.

Teens Read and Write I think I was most blown away with how professional this site looks, makes me want to make mine a bit more snazzy now.  What better way to write YA fiction than to hear what YAs have to say about it?

Hooked on YA Books Blog on YA literature by YA.

Have a favourite link or blog about writing or books? Feel free to add the link in comments, I'd love to visit!


  1. Great links! Thanks for sharing. :)

    I wrote an article for NaNoEdMo last year. I'm looking forward to seeing what info gets posted this year, because there's lots of good stuff. :)

  2. I don't have any others to add to that. I also read blogs of other writers. The blog list can grown really fast!

  3. Hi! Here from 31DBBB for the link post task. Thanks for these! I'd never heard of nanoedmo - gotta check that out!

  4. Wow! This is a great link post! I love it! I'm a huge reader and am getting into writing lately so this is definitely my kind of post. I just recently found the book review niche in the blog world. Amazing! Great job on today's task. Very informative!

  5. Thanks for sharing your linky post!