Nov 2, 2009

NaNoWriMo Writers Are Off and Running!

Today is November 2, over 24 hours into NaNoWriMo writing. I thought I would blog about my progress and my findings so far.

Nov1, got up early, but had an essay that desperately needed finishing and submitting. Nano would start straight after. No it wouldn't, took my daughters shopping instead.

Once the shops started rolling down their doors in a vain attempt to get me to stop spending, the girls and I headed into the Pancake Parlour, where it had been rumoured my local Nano group would be. The only other Nano-ers that came were my friends from uni, Inky & friend (ink-fever) and Penguin Girl (I'll get back to you with her blog if she's running one).

Still, the food was good (who doesn't like a big scoop of butter on their batter?) and the company fun. We even wrote a little. I was proud of Emily and Matilda because they both got their first chapters completed. So enthused were they that Emily was trying to continue writing as we walked back to the car.

I made up my word count to 2,000 before bedtime and my count is now 3027words for The Costume Maker. I intend to get to 4,000 by tonight.

What's happened so far... Missy has talked Lance into taking her to the school Halloween dance and to take her costume shopping. He puts his foot down though when she tries to get him to go as a fairy. No way. He's going as Bugsy Malone. Missy thinks he's getting a rabbit costume. The seamstress at the costume shop is a bit weird and mysterious, but the gowns are lovely and Missy demands a lot of attention. Lucinda comes to the shop to find her mother serving the mean girl who always makes fun of her at school.

Comming up next, Missy will find out that there are serious reprocussions for being mean to people, especially mysterious gypsy costume makers who have magical powers.

What have I learned so far? 
  • I am so glad I had my general plot planned. I knew what I wanted to happen in the opening and where I wanted it to lead (the next scene), but I didn't have the details structured, so it just managed to evolve. This way there was not stopping and starting.
  • Also, as I was on a roll, I just kept writing. I don't think I am going to worry about chapters at all, I can sort that out after November. By stopping for a chapter break I will also break my focus on the movement of the narrative.
  • I also learned at the shopping trip that I buy more books than I could ever read. I might do some reviews soon on all the Fantasy fiction and 'How to Write' books I've bought.

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