Oct 2, 2009

My Fate, Voted in by You.

Just for something different - a NaNoWriMo post. If you are not already swept up in the writing frenzy project, click here to find out more.

As you may know, if you hear my frantic tweets, I am having trouble settling on a plot for this activity.

Why is it so hard?  I already have two works in progress of children's novels, The Pirate Girl and Dog Show Detective. There is also a couple in the waiting pile after that such as The Warracknabeal Turf Club Mystery.

It's simple. These are stories I care too much about, need to research and think through every step. Writing before editing is a new concept for me. I need a plot I can just go crazy with.

I can't go in with no plot, because I dread the thought of typing frantically for a whole month and ending up with just the gibberish that goes on in my mind. I'm hoping for some value from it.

My solution? I've decided to do whatever most people suggest. How can you help? Please respond with your choice for me to write.

So here are my options so far:

Avatar Wave - thanks to Google Wave, Avatars have found a way to exchange with their user in this world. The time they can spend here is limited (until the computer reboots). There is an exception, one avatar has found a way to stay - he simply kills off his user while he's trapped online. Other avatars must find a way to track him down and destroy him, as he has taken on a taste for serial killing...

The Costume Maker - A gypsy type woman makes the most beautiful costumes by hand and a spoilt teen treats her rudely and bullies her into make a grand costume for her. The costume maker has powers unknown to humans and can make costumes that whisk you away to her world (medieval, fairies, dragons, etc). She sends the girl there as punishment, but there is a problem when she tries to get her back. So... the girls friends and the boy who has a crush on her all head into the world to find her and bring her home.

The Book Publisher's Wife - Mystery. 1940's. Detective who longs to be published is hassling his publisher, as are many other would-be authors. Detective turns up at the house one day and the book publisher's wife said she found her husband dead. But now the body is gone. Detective starts finding suspects everywhere, but as soon as he suspects someone, they turn up dead. Who did dun it?

Ghost Child. SciFi futuristic city is enclosed while ancient tribes live off the land outside the castle walls. Royal spacecraft crashes and the only survivor is a child princess. She is found and raised by a remote tribe. 12yrs later, a young architect ventures to the abandoned land with plans to build a new city. He discovers and reveals the princess' real identity. She returns to city life. This girl finds herself an outcast in both worlds and has a lot of trouble adjusting. Plus romance quandary - does she love the architect or her tribal friend?


You tell me?


  1. The Costume Maker. You had me at Gypsy and Costume Maker. This is totally something I would read. Love the premise.

    Good luck!

  2. I also like the premise of The Costume Maker and I think it will give you a lot of freedom to play with all sorts of wild/fantastical ideas that can be really helpful during NaNo.

    And to not be too random - I came here from Twitter :]

  3. Had another tweet in favour of The Costume Maker, such relief to have others make my decisions for me - can you guys come around next time I'm at the video shop, it always takes me ages to pick anything!

  4. AVATAR WAVE - A little like 'Tron' in reverse, but still quite an original idea. The plot is a little similar to that of the film 'The Thirteenth Floor', but not that close. (Might be worth checking out that film, though) Overall I think I like this idea the best.

    THE COSTUME MAKER - Reminded me of the old kid's cartoon series: 'Mister Benn' at first, (costumes determining the world he travels to.) Nice fantasy concept of human transferred into alien fantasy world: a device used a lot in fantasy novels, but valid however many authors use it. (I think Stephen Donaldson was the first with 'Thomas Covenant'.)
    The reservation I have about this one, is that it's not certain whether the girl is the heroine or the villain. (mind you, I was never that certain about Thomas Covenant either.)

    THE BOOK PUBLISHERS WIFE - Sorry, just sounds like a general whodunnit - nothing there that grabs my imagination, though I think there may be a purpose in the theme you've chosen, so maybe I'm just missing something from reading the 'blurb'.

    GHOST CHILD - Although this looks like it's meant to be a sci-fi/fantasy crossover, I can't get away from the feeling that it's an updated fairytale. or perhaps a snow white / jungle book mix.

    If I were you, I'd go with AVATAR WAVE. It has the most original concept, and a lot more prospect for expanding the plot lines as you go. That's always an advantage.

    Hope my humble opinions have been of use to you Charmaine. I like the blog, by the way. Might bump into you in Twitter #writechat tonight. Take care love.

  5. Thanks Dave,
    I confess now that not a lot of thought went into each plot, just posted whatever came to mind. I was just happy to move from no plot at all to a choice of ideas.
    Time is ticking, must choose soon.

  6. The book publisher's wife - but then, maybe I'm just old-fashioned. I don't even know what an avatar is.

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  8. Thanks Beth,

    I've also had another tweet for Book Publisher's Wife and one more for Avatar Wave and Ghost Child received 1 tweet, will tally up tonight and settle on one.

    Thanks to everyone for your input - Now, can someone write up a detailed outline for me, scene by scene... no?