Sep 30, 2009

Think Like an 8yr old.

I just wanted to share another possible plot twist that was generously offered by Matilda (miss 8yr old).

Matilda suggested I kill off the Detective when he is going to reveal the killer, and then all the suspects would have to try and solve it amongst themselves.

For the record, Matilda's NaNoWriMo plot is:
A magical dog and horse travel to our world from a mystical realm and they can talk. Two small toys are the key to the portal and they got seperated from them travelling here. They have a magic map which shows them where the toys are at all times and they journey to find them. It is a mystery who supplied them with the magic map. They must get home before the evil wizard takes over their land.
They find the toys and return to their land to fight the evil wizard and his dragon. The wizard is mad because he needs the toys for his plan and the dragon tells him they are still in the Earth world. He travels to our world, but it was a trick, the toys are safely in the magical world. The wizard can not get back without them. People find him and think he is weird and put him in a circus. It turns out the dragon was helping the animals all along and is the one who made the magical map.

All this, and all I have is a title???

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