Sep 19, 2009

I Love Links

These are the writer's sites/resources I'm lovin' this week (no particular order):

  • Ink-fever - Writer's blog, check out The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Dogs. Also has the link to Think Sideways course with a discount.
  • How To Think Sideways - I'm in the process of completing this course and have found it to be detailed and motivating. Takes you through writing exercises and step by step process of getting the job done. Well priced compared to more expensive but shorter courses (for a further discount go to ink-fever's site above). I'm finally keeping up my word count with this one!
  • Critique Circle - For writers. Upload your drafts for other writer's to critique for you, and critique other people's work. Great way of polishing your novel. Feel free to look for me on there, I'm 'Cmclancy'.
  • Lulu - I've only just discovered this one, you can publish your book online, in e-book format or hard copy. Me thinks it very exciting! (if I ever finish a book).
  • The Creative Penn - Writer's blog - free downloads on writing and promoting your book, also really good podcast.
  • Plot Builder - Tool for organising your notes, chapters and characters. Discount offered at the moment if you follow them on Twitter.
  • Twitter - If you still think it's about people telling you what they had for breakfast, then I just can't help you *shakes her head*. Best used with an application - I like Twhirl.

Happy scribbles!

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