Aug 30, 2009

Why Wait?

A common theme is emerging amongst all I read about the writing craft, the Podcasts I listen to with tips from Authors and the writing course I'm progressing through on completing a novel. It concerns those times that we want to continue with our novel but can't find the time or inspiration or words.

Don't wait, just write.

If you wait for the perfect words, they may never come - after all, what is perfection? Just start with anything, a character, a setting, a situation and write and write and write. Once the words start to spread across the page they will take on their own life and grow and dance and play.

When you give up control of the pen (or keyboard) the story will take form, characters will emerge to find out what is going on and hopefully join in.

After all, with the technology of word processing and computers, words can be edited and edited, they can change and disappear and appear again. I hear of the importance of the rewrite and I wonder how much editing went on in the day of quill and ink?

So instead of letting menial distractions take me from my writing (like cleaning house, writing blogs... oh), I'm going to get stuck into my writing and reach my 500 word goal for the day.

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