Aug 13, 2009

Pirate's Kidnapped my Imagination

Today I woke up at 4am with a burning desire to return to something left dusty and waiting for so long (no not that). OK it may be that I awoke so early because after having dental work done on me yesterday, I ended falling asleep before my kids bedtime.

I have housework to do, I have three pieces for uni to write, but I need to do something for me. I want to return to The Pirate Girl (yet to receive a better title) and start writing again. I suspect that my friend 'Inky' may have something to do with this (all budding authors should check out her site, I've never met anyone who gets more words on page within their deadline).

I've been quite fortunate in my life to have an enjoyable one, with most 'bad times' serving as life lessons or inspiration. When I want to try something in life, nothing significant has ever blocked me; this is probably why I've an eclectic career background. What I value most in my career (and indeed my home life) is feeling like I am making a positive contribution, feeling needed.

I desperately want to teach young people because I can identify a need amongst students. This is why I was a little disappointed to find out I will be prac teaching at a college this semester. Give me the troubled kids, the naughty kids, the ratbags that have been convinced nobody wants them there. Let me show them I do want them there and I value what they have to offer. I guess part of me wants to mother the students, and I'm sure that's the last thing they want. So I will get enthusiastic about attending a more high-brow school and see what I can offer these students, maybe I will learn from them.

But for today I want some me time. Time to do what I enjoy most: write. Here is the opening to The Pirate Girl, which I expect to span three novels aimed at 10-13yr olds (and maybe more).

The ocean is a wild and untameable beast. She is cruel with a passion and has been known to snap a ship effortlessly, while playfully pulling her victims down toward her belly. No man can overcome her, but there are men who attempt to endure her. The brave, that seek to prove she will not stand in their way, the desperate, so afraid but with no other option than to sign their soul over to the sea. And then there is another kind of man who takes on the bitter salt air, ferocious winds and forceful swells. This is the man that loves her. It is her darkness, the defiant stand she takes against anyone who tries to control her, even her sweet promise of death appeals to him. As you would expect, these men mostly travel under the flag of a pirate.

And yet, one small girl, off the coast of Ireland, in the year 1542, shared the same uncultivated passion for adventure and mischief and saw the sea as her friend.

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  1. Cool beginning! :) (Yes, I'm reading O:)) And thanks for the linkage :D Hehe.

    Just as a by-the-by, if ever you're interested in joining a critique group for you writing, I'm totally addicted to Critique Cirle (.com) :D