Aug 4, 2009

Hello Stranger!

So you think nobody reads your blog...

You've shopped around and finally decided between Wordpress and Blogspot, you've agonized over a theme for your writing and decorated your site to represent your personality; what's next? You pour your heart out in your posts. Perhaps, like myself, your interest is in creative writing or educational technology. Perhaps you post about your kids or your dogs or your new shoes.

But does anybody ready your blog?

Like you, I thought I was bloggin' out to empty space; a scrunched up note being passed by the busy busy Internet traffic zooming by. But not so.

Recently a friend of mine commented online that her phone service was rubbish, and not long after came a reply from the phone company. Another time was a Tweet about how even Potatoes can find love, she promptly received information about dating services.

I decided to blog for my own pleasure, to play around with my creative writing ideas. I stopped waiting to find an audience to post to. Some of my friends read my blog (not family, as I need to keep them separated from my writing so that I have someone to write about), but I was surprised to find there are others out there scouring blog pages for opportunities. After posting about Creative Writing topics, today I received, addressed to me personally, in the mail, an offer for a course on Creative Writing. Coincidence? Hmmm

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